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on Jul 20, 2018


Evidence is to be collected if you need to prove a crime. A case can be diluted with false evidence too! But what about creating new evidence to catch the culprits? Though this point isn’t new in the muder mystery movies, if the background of the story and screenplay are innovative... the movies in such genre would always invoke some interest. W/o Ram with Manchu Lakshmi as a lead character is one such movie. Lakshmi who has always been giving importance to off beat movies has come forward with this murder mystery as W/o Ram. Vijay Yelakanti makes his debut as a director with this movie. Let’s get into the story to find out what happened in W/o Ram.


Ram (Samrat) and Deeksha (Manchu Lakshmi) comes out from a resort. And Ram gets killed in unusual turn of events. Deeksha of course gets out of danger with cuts and bruises. Deeksha decides to get the culprits punished. As Deeksha doesn’t get any help from the police, she decides to solve the case all by herselves. She tries to assess the reasons for his murder through his phone contacts and social media accounts. Deeksha stumbles upon some hard hitting facts in due course. What are the circumstances that led to the death of Ram? What are the shocking facts that are discovered by Deeksha?... are the questions that would be answered in the later part of the movie.


The story in the movie is not at all new. Many movies in Bollywood and South India were made on this point. But a woman trying to crack the murder of her husband’s murder looks unique. The first half of the movie runs with the attemps made by Deeksha to find resolve the mystery. The ways she choose in such efforts look interesting. The first half fails to provoke curiosity as the screenplay looks straight. But the second half gets filled with twists and turns. The techniques that are employed by Deeksha would be interesting. A few scenes such as Deeksha destroying the things in her house looks foolish. The pre climax would invoke suspense among the viewers. The performance of the actors in climax scenes would impress. Manchu Lakshmi in the role of Deeksha has shown good performance. As the movie revolves around the cracking down the murder mystery, there would be a feeling that emotions are lacking in the movie. The director was successful in running the second half with twists and good screenplay. As the story is foretold, the director has mainly concentrated on the screenplay.

Actors, Technical values

Lakshmi in the role of Deeksha has shown quite a few emotions. Her role as a modern girl fighting for justice would impress. But, she should still improve her diction during the dialogues. As the story revolves around Deeksha, other roles doesn’t seem to be of much importance. Priyadarsi who played the role of Chari that helps Deekha in her investigation is impressive. Adarsh also gets good marks in the role of Rocky, the villain. In technical aspect, the camera work of Samala Bhaskar is good. The background music of Raghu Deekshi elevates the feel in the sequences. The movie was made with high technical vaues.

Last word...

Muder mystery is a genre of its own. With good actors, they would certainly reach the audience. W/o Ram movie would certainly be popular amongst the thriller loving audience. Climax is the strength of the movie. But we have to wait patiently till the end.

Rating: 2

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