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Avantika’s Rape Takes A New Turn

on Aug 1, 2015

It is already known that how milky siren Tamanna’s acts with hunk hero Prabhas have created quite a stir. As people started blasting that the film is boasting masculinity and hurting women’s basic rights, a journalist has come up with the writing, “Rape Of Avantika”.

As a couple of Telugu fans, including a girl named Annapurna blasting Rajamouli and his crew publicly on social networks, Prabhas fans are taking the incident quite seriously. Some fans are now asking counter questions to these “Rape” sayers, as they ask, “If Tamanna is stripped by Prabhas, you’re calling it as a rape. What if in those movies like Rebel and Rachha where Tamanna herself stripped her dresses to attract audiences in songs? Will her navel show in 100% Love is anything to ready by?”.

These ugly accusations by both sides are taking sad turns because everyone is crossing boundaries in calling shots on the other. Hope, everyone looks at cinema like a cinema only.

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