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Movie Review : OOPIRI

on Mar 25, 2016

Release Date: March 25th, 2016

After scoring two big blockbusters in the form of "Manam" and "Soggade Chinni Nayana", Nagarjuna is waiting to score a hat-trick with an emotional movie like "Oopiri". And with his role limited to a wheel-chair for whole time in the film, there are doubts as to how people will receive it. Here goes the review for you. 

Vikramadithya aka Vikram (Nagarjuna) is a paraplegic and he's looking forward to appoint a care-taker. Sreenu (Karthi) is just released from prison on four months parole and he has to prove himself a good guy to get Court quash the remaining sentence. Sreenu attends an interview at Vikram's place and gets selected. Initially he likes the riches but as the story progresses he identifies the problems of Vikram, without knowing that his own life also has a set of problems. What did Sreenu do to help Vikram, and how did Vikram found out what Sreenu's mother (Jayasudha) and family, and how he solved Sreenu's problems, is the rest of story. 



Nagarjuna just gives a big blow by accepting to take up this paraplegic role. In the whole film, he has to emote only with his face, and he does that well. At times those who saw original French film "Intouchables" may feel that Nagarjuna didn't do justice, but still he's the best of lot we have. 

Karthi is a show-stealer and he just makes us sit back and watch every frame with fun. His attitude, body language and Telugu diction (own dubbing) are a revelation we shouldn't miss. Tamanna is there to fill screen with beautiful color of her skin and she does that part. And her own dubbing is more impressive than her beautiful looks. Prakash Raj is adequate in a small role, while Jayasudha and Tanikella Bharani did their part well.


Director Vamsi Paidipally made sure that he will extend the fun in original film in Telugu style, but he made sure that every frame of "Intouchables" is replicated as it is. Other than adding a new backstory for Nagarjuna's character which lasts for 5 mins and another back story for Karthi's sister, rest are all the same, same frame and fun. But the way he avoided punch dialogues and rhyming satires (compared with his previous films) is good. 

Biggest pillar for the film is background score given by Gopi Sundar. He made some scenes sound more emotional than the original with his fantastic violin and strings work. Visuals by PS Vinod are top notch, while some patch-work done by another cameraman (looking at the credit, 'additional photography' in starting titles will make us understand this) is not matching. 

Rest of the technical departments have done a decent job. PVP once again spent well on each and every scene to get the feel perfectly. 




First Half


Dragged second half  

Unwanted masala songs


By the time it became official that Vamsi Paidipally's Oopiri is loosely based on "Intouchables", many Urban audiences made sure that they watch that French film in advance. And they did. But Vamsi did a good job in staying true to original though he spoiled a little in second half. 

Movie starts on a funny note with Karthi introduced as Sreenu and how he does at interview to impress Nagarjuna. Tamanna always filled the screen as an eye candy. And the funny ride, fun conversations between Nag and Karthi, the Painting episode add more happiness to the film. Nag character not accepting the happiness and Karthi worried about his mother at the backend, provided the emotional banking for the film. What happens to these characters in later actually form the second half of the film. (This is almost pre-climax in the original film).

Welcome to second half, where Telugu touch is totally evident. A trip to Paris to create some fun moments, a chase scene and a reunion scene are forcibly inserted. Though chase scene matches to the emotion in a way, other scenes sound pretty boring. Also bringing another foreign girl (Angelica) for a 2-day dating thing and other stuff just tests our patience. But when the movie switches to family episode again, it creates nice interest. Without fights, villains, satires, slapping and heroics, the film manages to satisfy our hearts and wet our eyes for sure. 

Totally it is Karthi's show most of the time in keeping the film engaged while Nagarjuna is also a treat to watch. Bored of routine crime comedies, bored of over-intelligent heroes with all powers on earth to pip villains to pulp and bored of lecture-giving-films, audiences will love to watch "Oopiri" in Summer. Despite its flaws in second half, the film could really satisfy all sections of audiences. 

Final words : Watch and feel happiness in your Oopiri 

Rating : 3/5

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