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Isn't Pawan Happy With Katamarayudu?

on Mar 20, 2017

Power Star Pawan Kalyan speaks honestly. He doesn’t have any qualms even blaming his own family members, if he doesn't like something. He publicly expressed his dislike when his brother Chiranjeevi merged Praja Rajyam Party with Congress. Pawan once again made shocking comments on Katamarayudu.

During pre-release function of Katamarayudu, Pawan Kalyan stated, “We worked hard to do the film (Katamarayudu) to entertain you. I indeed put maximum efforts for my each and every film. I don’t like promoting, without concerning fans and public interest. If you really like the film, watch it heartfully, if not I don’t I’m not bothered about any result. I did this film for my good friend Sharrat Marar and to fulfill my promise to director Dolly.”

Apparently, Pawan is not too contended with outcome of Katamarayudu. Thus, he is not forcing his fans to watch the film at any cost. However, few say that, makers wish to maintain low buzz, until the film hits the screens on March 24th. In fact, the film’s trailer released during the function wasn’t up to the mark and promotional activities too are not in full swing.

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