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Huge Demand For Kaala Dog

on Mar 8, 2018

Small time actors feel happy to work with star heroes. Few wish to act at least in a scene with their favorite star. In fact, many come to industry taking inspiration from their favorite stars. However, superstar Rajinikanth’s fans feel that the dog Mani is lucky enough.

The dog Mani which got to act alongside Rajinikanth in his upcoming film Kaala has become a sensation now. Mani has participated in shoot of Kaala for several days was adored by none other than Rajinikanth. It is learnt that, Rajini used to bring a pack of biscuits every day for Mani.

Animal trainer Simon, who has worked in hundreds of films and found Mani on Chennai roads, stated that many fans from Malaysia were eager to buy Mani. "Few people offered about one crore. They were even ready to pay two crore for the dog since he has acted with Rajini sir. But I refused because we are taking care of him as a child. Who will auction their child for money? So, I declined the offer," informed Simon in his interview to a web portal.

Over thirty dogs were auditioned before Pa Ranjith Okayed Mani who is now 2 years old and has already done four films.

Meanwhile, Kaala is gearing up for release on April 27th.

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