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Jawaan Review

on Dec 1, 2017


Movie Details:

Cast: Sai Dharam Tej, Mehreen Pirzada, Prasanna, Kota Srinivasa Rao, Subbaraju etc.
Direction: BVS Ravi
Banner: Arunachal Creations
Producer: Krishna
Music: SS Thaman
Release Date: Dec 1, 2017

Mega hero Sai Dharam Tej who mostly did commercial films has picked an experimental subject of Jawaan. Will this experiment give relief for SDT whose last film Winner tanked at box office?


Jai (Sai Dharam Tej), son of a school teacher (Jayaprakash), is a brilliant student from childhood and his dream is to serve nation by getting job as scientist in DRDO. Due to some reasons he couldn’t select for the post, even though he passes in all the tests in interview. Meanwhile, he falls in love with a beautiful girl Bhargavi (Mehreen).

On the other hand, a burglar Keshava (Prasanna) joins hands with mafia and agrees to steal a powerful weapon Octopus from DRDO. When Prasanna’s men try to steal Octopus weapon which is taken to Delhi, Jai protects it from them. Government and DRDO appreciate his efforts and give him job. Frustrated Keshava targets Jai’s family. Jai is in a position to handover Octopus to Keshava and batch or lose his family in the battle. How he deals with the scenario is rest of the story…


1. Sai Dharam Tej
2. Dialogues


1. Second Half
2. Direction
3. Lack Of Entertainment
4. Songs Placement


BVS Ravi opted to an old story of how impact it will have on life style of two kids of different attitude and mindset after they become young. Coming to story, Jai wishes to become a scientist at DRDO from his childhood. In fact, the childhood episodes were bit lengthy. Director tried to show mindsets of two students. Jai is a boring person who just focus on his dream, but nothing else. He is motivated by Kota Srinivasa Rao who actually retired from DRDO. Interim, Jai meets a beautiful girl Bhargavi who is of different mindset. And in no time, love blossoms between the two. The romantic track was not fresh, but SDT and Mehreen looked great together. SDT entering DRDO office to crack a secret won’t make any sense due to immature taking. The episode of SDT saving his family members from mafia batch was also old idea. Coming to second half, we will hardly find any pleasing elements. The mind game between SDT and Prasanna is tedious. Even, the climax was not up to the mark.

Artists Performances:

Sai Dharam Tej looked young and handsome. He played his role of youngster with lots of responsibilities faultlessly. Nonetheless, we don’t wish to see an energetic star like SDT in such boring character. Mehreen Kaur who got limited role has appeared gorgeous. She oozed some oomph in songs. Prasanna was good as antagonist. Jayaprakash showed his experience as SDT’s father. Kota Srinivasa Rao was excellent in a brief role. The kids provided some fun here and there. Other artists were okay.

Technical Aspect:

BVS Ravi has penned some thought provoking dialogues. The dialogues mouthed by SDT to exhibit his love for nation in second half were exceptional. However, Ravi picked an old story and treatment was also not engaging. In fact, biggest drawback of the film is direction. He dealt key scenes like an immature filmmaker. Music director SS Thaman failed to give right nodes for BGM. Irrespective of scene, we find loud sounds throughout. Cinematography was neat. Production values of Arunachal Creations were top notch.


Jawaan is far better compared to other outings this week. But, it is not that extraordinary. BO chances are minimal.

TeluguOne Perspective:

Jawaan: Target Misfired

Rating: 2.5

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