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Husharu Movie Review

on Dec 14, 2018


Actors: Rahul Ramakrishna, Tejas Kancharla, Tej Kushpati, Abhinav Snow, Dinesh Tez, Daksha Nagarkar, Priya Wadlamani, Hema Ingle et al.

Editor: Vijay

Cinematographer: Raj Tota

Music: Radhan, Sunny M.R.

Producers: Bekkem Venugopal

Directed by: Sree Harsha Konuganti

Release date: December 14, 2018

Husharu is a youthful family drama. The film was produced by Bekkem Venugopal and this movie introduced Sree Harsha as a debut director. The film has hit the theatres today. Let's try to see how the film has received by the audience


Four friends(Chai, Druv, Arya, Bunty) who are not very interested in studies, enjoy life very well. They dream of being like that throughout the life. During this phase they realize Chai has Cancer and to treat him, a lot of money is required. Now to earn money what did his friends do? Do they remain friends till the end? Forms the story


Chai, Druv, Arya and Bunty are the plus points for the movie. Everyone has a fresh feel in the story. Rahul Ramakrishnan is yet another highlight of the movie. With his apt comedy timing he has tried taking the movie to another level.

Plus Points:

New Heros, Their intuitive acting


Youthful and Emotional Scenes


Minus Points:

Story Line

Second Half


Technical Expertise:

 Director Sree Harsha’s story line is not very innovative, but the way he has connected it to the youth has made the movie a success. The director has impressed the audience with the scenes during the first half. With “Inka Undiporade” song he has attracted the audience.

Rathan’s music has become a big plus for the movie. Cinematographer & Editor have done their bit well. The producer has also not compromised in making the movie.


We can tell that, Harsha has made a good attempt with his first movie. The four new hero’s acting and the routine story has become a minus point for the movie. Songs and Rahul’s acting is impressive. The director has succeeded well in attracting the audience but how well will it connect with the common audience, has to be watched for.

Rating: 2.75/5

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