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Review: Ekkadiki Potaavu Chinnavaada

on Nov 18, 2016

This new movie outing of Hero Nikhil has been released today. Lets see how the movie fares in all the departments and how it will work at the box office. 


Siddharth (Nikhil) goes to Kerala taking his friend (Vennela Kishore) as he is possessed by an evil spirit and takes him to get him treated. Meanwhile during the same time Amala (Hebah Patel) also happens to visit the place from Vijayawada. They both instantly find a liking for each other. Siddharth takes this behaviour of Amala to be an indication of love towards him. But one fine day she leaves the place without informing him. He goes on a look out for her to Vijayawada. He realises that her real name isn't Amala, but intact she is Nithya. And that even she is also possessed by an evil spirit. She gets rid of the evil spirits in Kerala and comes back to hyderabad. Now will she get back to normalcy, will she recognise siddharth, who is Amala ? and why is she behind Siddharth? Watch this film to know see the mystery unfold.


Nikhil as usual gives a good performance he is his usual energetic self on the screen. You could see the growth in him as an actor from one film to another. There isn't much scope for acting for Hebbah Patel. The new girl Nanditha Swetha has done a good job. She has shone in the second half of the film. Avika also made a surprise entry. Vennela Kishore tickled some funny bones all through. And you will also see a scene on demonetisation of currency notes of Rs.500 and Rs.1000 which is hilarious. 

Technical Aspect:
The music department and the cinematography should find a special mention for their commendable job in the movie. The songs and the picturisation of it is good. The screenplay could have been better. The second half of the movie has some scenes which are dragged for long. Director Anand has done a decent job and its quite a surprise to see him change the genre from his first movie Tiger to this one. 


This movie cannot be treated as a horror movie. Infant it just turns out to be a ghost love story, with some comedy and thrills added to it. The way the movie starts is quite interesting but the Kerala episode and the love angle is quite boring and could have been better. You would in fact be hoping that the scenes get over soon so that the movie gets a little more interning to watch. The interval scene is thrilling twist in the movie and makes the movie interesting. But the moment you get a clue who the ghost might be, the movie losses the suspense element in it. Small changes in the screenplay could have made the movie more thrilling and suspense filled. While Vennela Kishore tickles some funny bones in the first half the baton is taken over by Sathya in the second half. The flashback scenes keep dragging the movie. Though this movie is quiet entertaining, but go in without expecting too much of twist and suspense in the movie and surely you will come out entertained.

Rating: 2.25

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