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Aravinda Sametha Review

on Oct 12, 2018


Cast: NTR, Pooja Hegde, Jagapathi Babu, Naga Babu, Esha Reba, Naveen Chandra, Rao Ramesh
Music: SS Taman
Production Company: Harika and Hasini Creations
Producer: Suryadeva Radhakrishna (Chinababu)
Written-Direction: Trivikram Srinivas
Release date: October 11, 2018

NTR with his pure acting & Trivikram Srinivas, with his story and Direction have stolen the audience’s heart. Thus, the Telugu audience is eagerly waiting to see the movie Aravinda Sameta.

Aravinda Sametha Veeraraghava made a promise with the title. The movie name usually describes the hero – that is the trend in Telugu movies. This movie uses the heroine’s name Aravinda to describe the hero. How progressive is that?

Now let us see if it has stood up to the expectations.

Story: Raghava Reddy (NTR) is the only son of Narapa Reddy (Nagababu) – who is the leader of a faction group, Basi Reddy (Jagapathi Babu) leads the rival group. Raghava stands up for peace in the region, without resorting to revenge he goes into hibernation for 6 months after his father’s death. In Hyderabad, Raghava is appointed to protect Aravinda (Pooja) who plans to make a documentary on rayalaseema factionism. Whether Raghava’s attempt to attain peace in the region gets fulfilled?

Performances: NTR is a top class performer & how will Trivikram Srinivas mould NTR in his movie? The answer to this question is ‘Aravinda Sameta’. Balancing the emotions is a toughest task and NTR makes it believable. He complimented Trivikram’s writing and Veera Raghava Reddy’s character will surely be remembered among the top 3 performances.

Pooja Hegde as Aravinda got a significant role but no much scope to demonstrate depth in her performance.

Jagapathi Babu steals the show after NTR. He is extremely good as Basi Reddy and his performance in interval block is frightening. Rao Ramesh as usual did a good job in a politician role.

All the other actors have performed decently well in the roles given to them.


Analysis: Music and background score by S S Thaman are very good. Editing by Naveen Nooli could have been better. Cinematography by P.S. Vinod is good. Ram-Laxman’s stunts appeal to masses very much.

Trivikram Srinivas who is known for class films surprises this time with his choice of subject. It takes lot of guts to deliver a high voltage action block in very first 20 minutes, and Trivikram executed it in style. Another scene Trivikram tried very differently is the one in which NTR rescues Aravinda, her younger brother from the kidnappers with just cell-phone warning sitting infront of Rao Ramesh. Overall, first half is decent with lighter moments at times. Second half deals with emotions and 2-3 scenes stand out quite appealingly. Trivikram has penned many touching dialogues throughout the film.

Verdict: ‘Aravindha Sametha’ belongs to NTR and Trivikram. The Actor-Director duo complemented each other well with their exceptional skills in this author backed story. Trivikram has penned some good conversations, NTR delivers them with penchant. First 25 minutes is very good, first half is above average. Second half is an emotional one, the climax stands out.Overall, a good watch for NTR’s stellar performance and Trivikram’s brilliance in writing.

Rating: 3

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