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Who is Tollywood's Handsome Hunk

on Apr 19, 2011

Who is Telugu cinema's handsome hunk? Is young rebel star Prabhas? Or Prince and Superstar Mahesh Babu or is it the newbie Daggubati Rana? There are several questions that are being raised about dominance in this section but stills there was hardly any conclusion. So let us delve into this.


Prabhas has great following and enacted into few romantic entertainers to lure the female fan base. He even has the massy appeal for striking commercial success at the box office. However, lack of consistency in Tollywood is what's haunting the young rebel star. There's no doubt about his acting skills and he's slowly improving on his dialogue delivery. But what about his dance? Sorry No comments!

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Next in the race is Superstar and Prince Mahesh Babu. This man needs no introduction in Tollywood and arguably the only Telugu cinema hero to sport Bollywood or Hollywood hero looks. But still people does not rate Mahesh Babu has the most handsome hero in Telugu movies. Dance is a real problem with Mahesh Babu and also his mundane dialogue delivery is bringing him down day by day. Mind you its been almost 4 years since he struck the box office.


Dauugati Rana is the latest entrant into this handsome hunk bandwagon. Rana looks tall and handsome and has already bagged role in a Bollywood movie only in his second movie. Boy! Hasn't he announced his arrival. Rana might not be the teen heartthrob but certainly has decent following amongst girls. However, Daggubati Rana is yet to prove his commercial stamina.

So whom can we pick as Tollywood's handsome hunk? At this point, I vote for Mahesh Babu! And what do you think?

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