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Veera Movie Story Review

on May 19, 2011

Veera Review - Veera Movie Review - Veera Telugu Movie Review: After his Mirapakaya success, Ravi Teja is once again all poised to hit the deck with Veera movie. Veera review is once again the decisive factor like it was earlier for his movies in terms of collections. So can Veera review fascinate movie buffs? Can Veera movie review set the box office rolling? Check out the Veera Telugu movie review!

Veera Movie Story

ACP Shyam is honest and sincere in his duties. In a fatal college incident, Dhanraj's son eve tees girls and Shyam punishes him. Dhanraj gets very angry and kidnaps Shyam's son Moksha and eventually kills him but Shyam does not tell this to anyone. One day, the government appoints Deva as Shyam's bodyguard but the intelligent Veera (Ravi Teja) comes as bodyguard in place of Deva. In this act, Veera comes across Aikya (Taapsee) and both fall in love with each other. Unfortunately, Shyam comes to know that Veera is not the real bodyguard and he tries to arrest him but Veera shows Moksha to the entire Shyam family at this point. All of a sudden, Pradeep opens fire on Veera. Now who is this Pradeep and why did he open fire on Veera is to be seen on the silver screen.


Veera movie is only good in parts where you could see Ravi Teja in a unique dimension. The problem with Veera is that there's unnecessary violence (senseless) and the screenplay is cockeyed.  Director Ramesh Varma was purely focusing to showcase Ravi Teja on the lines Chiranjeevi and Balakrishna but he failed miserably. The basic script itself suffers from heavy dose of mindless violence and screenplay is the real culprit.

Its alright that Ravi Teja is doing a different shade but that doesn’t mean there focus should be on hostility and in this process Ravi Teja failed to do justice to the movie. The audience will find it difficult to adjust to the illogical screenplay where you could see a comedy scene, followed by an action sequence. Songs are a liability and they are unbearable since the song positioning is silly. 
Director Ramesh Varma did not get the script right. For these kind of films, the script should be tightly knitted but Ramesh has gone awfully wrong. And add to this is the raw dialogues. We have to say that the dialogues are red and raw and they are trying to accentuate the film's flavor to get village nativity but there are 'N' no of ways to do other than what Ramesh Varma did.

TeluguOne Perspective

Gone are those days where you would run the show by roping in star casting and this time its Ravi Teja who has become the victim of a reasonless anecdote. The movie lacks the required trigger to ignite interest and sustain curiosity. And not even Ravi Teja could rescue the movie from becoming a failure.

Once again the second heroine formula has not philosophy and logic. And Taapsee has been roped in with no impact or performance. She;s just a glam doll lending beauty and oomph to the movie sans performance. The characters in the movie could not carry out effectively in what we have to say an illogical script. Can you imagine a movie running without any reason till 10 minutes before interval, in Veera, you would witness such turn of events. Many scenes of Brahmanandam, Venu Madhav and other  characters do carry any sense. We hope at least the director knew! Veera is a ruthless mass movie and the movie is about depicting Ravi Teja's all through in an anger state. Lack of packaging of elements like action, sentiments, glamor and comedy in the right proportions makes the movie a pathetic outing.

There are very few scenes, which might touch people. The family emotions, drama and group rivalry in villages have been shot well, however, like mentioned earlier, its only in parts. As a result. Wrong positioning of Hero, illogical script, unnecessary violence, unbearable songs would encapsulate this episode of Veera Telugu movie review.  Veera has come with great expectations and everyone thought to see Ravi Teja on a different  scale but the movie failed to reach out the expectations.


Ravi Teja is seen over excited in several scenes and we could not see a unique Ravi Teja. As a result, his characterization lacked originality and it was more like imitating rather intimidating. He tried a different movie but the way he aligned towards the script was ordinary .

Kajal Agarwal played well as a village girl. These days she's also focusing on performances and not only lending beauty to the screen. Taapsee is just absolute dud and looks like she's happy flaunting assets in movies. Brahmanandam and Venu Madhav's comedy is getting routine and its time they take a break from this stuff.


The songs are very poor and SS Thaman was trying to compensate for the same in the re-recording stage but could only end up as being ordinary. Editing should have been better by Gautham Raju.

Final Word
Ravi Teja Veera movie review might not be the best script to handle but surely the director could have done a lot better. The movie suffers from heavy dose of senseless violence, raw dialogues and unnecessary songs.

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