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Tharun Bhascker`s request to the audience

on Jul 2, 2018

There is no need to introduce Tharun Bhascker who has come with a bang into Tollywood with the success of Pelli choopulu. Pelli Choopula was branded as one of the finest family entertainer. However he chose a completely different genre for his next movie `EE Nagaraniki Emaindi’. Though the movie has been receiving positive reviews, it was criticised for not being as mature as Pelli Choopulu. Some even pointed out that it lacked emotional scenes that are important for any movie. Tharun has reached social media to address such audience-  `Some of you are comparing it to Pellichoopulu. Don't do that guys. It was SO easy for me to take the easy route and make a ROM COM again to get the family crowd in and make some easy money but if we filmmakers don't change things up, the scene is going to get really boring. This move was a huge risk for me, a calculated risk that paid off!” was his advice for them.

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