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When Will Suresh Babu Open His Mouth?

on Apr 16, 2018


Daggubati Ramanaidu was a passionate filmmaker who made over 150 films in 13 languages. His elder son Suresh Babu is continuing the legacy by producing as well as distributing films under Suresh Productions, whereas his younger son Venkatesh is a star in Tollywood.

There were hardly any controversies on Daggubati family. But, ever since controversial actress Sri Reddy leaked her intimate pictures with Suresh Babu’s younger son Abhiram, the entire family is in despair now.

Suresh Babu is one person who always came forward to fight against industry reputation damaging things such as piracy, drugs racket etc.

When Tollywood drugs racket burst out, Suresh Babu along with few other biggies in Tollywood requested police to take severe action against those who caught in the affair.

Daggubati family has great respect and everyone in the industry admire them to the fullest. However, the leaked pics damaged their family stature overnight.

Now, everybody is anticipating what Suresh Babu will say about the issue, because he never faced such situation earlier. These are the questions puzzled by netizens:

1. Will Suresh Babu arrange a press meet to give clarity on this?
2. What will he do if Abhiram will be proved guilty?
3. Will he try to save his son, if he will be proved guilty?
4. Will he be prepared for legal battle against Sri Reddy?
5. Will he settle the matter in peaceful manner?

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