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Singham Telugu Movie Review

on Jul 5, 2013

Genre: action entertainer

Cast: Suriya, Anushka, Hansika, Santhanam

Director: Hari

Singham is completely an action entertainer. The character of suriya has potrayed very powerfully. He has played a Typical Indian Powerful Police Officer. His candid performance Made audience stick to screens.

story: Narasimha, DSP of vizag resigns, goes to kakinada and joins as a NCC teacher. He collects all the information of 2 smuggling gangs who import Drugs through kakinada port. Narasimha will be getting Help from Home minister, Divya(hansika) who is the daughter of one of the smuggler. He then posted as a DSP and catches all the criminals behind the drugs scandal. The movie is all about, how he tackle the smugglers and put in jail.

Analysis: The story Singham  is completely an action entertainer. A bit comedy has done in the first half  by Santhanam. The lead heroin of the movie doesn't have much character in the movie. She will be seen once in a blue moon. Most of the part was with hansika, who is a student in the college where Narasimha works as NCC teacher. First half completely deals with, how suriya collects the information of Two smuggling gangs and tackling few local disputes.

Where as the Second half is all about finding the leader of Drug smuggling and fighting with them. There might be another sequel for this movie. Suriya may come as Singam III. Because the ending is so abrupt.

Teluguone Perspective: The movie is a worth watching for its action scenes. The story line is an old one but, the directors perspective, Camera work, Suriya's Powerful dialogues and Performance made the movie a special one. For Few fights we get Goose bumps. No doubt, Youth Imagine themselves in the powerful character. The movie is completely in a Linear narration. No flashbacks stuff. A worth watching movie but not twice. Marks can be given only for Action part. Amount of comedy, Sentiment, romance were missing.

Performances: Surya's Performance is really good. His action as a powerful police officer, his fiery looks, his dialogue delivery gave extra powerfulness to his character. Hansika's acting is better. The comedy done by santhanam is humorous enough. There is not much character for Anuska but still she did well. The new Hollywood villain was not up to the mark. His intro was scary. And rest did justice to their part well.

Technicalities: The Cinematography of priyan is quite undeniable.  The music composition gave the movie extra strength and Devi sri prasad with no doubt has given his best.
positives: Suriya's Characterization, Performance,
                   Camera work

Negatives: Routine Story line,
                     Anushka's limited Character
                     Villians week Portray.

Final word: Singham is completely an action entertainer worth to watch for a single time.

Singham  Movie Rating: 3

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