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Sikandar Movie Review

on Aug 15, 2014

The most awaited Sikandar movie starring Suriya and Samantha has released on the 15th of August. Here is the review of Sikandar Movie for all our viewers. Telugu One Review on Sikandar movie. A detailed analysis and Review on Sikandar Movie

Story :

Surya (Raju Bhai) and Viduyut Jamwal (Chandu) are gangsters in the city of Mumbai. The duo are extremely close to each other and grow in their business at a brisk pace. Unable to bear their popularity in the city, Manoj Bajpai asks them to stop where they are and warns them not to try and expand their work further. Since Chandu and Raju Bhai ignore this warning, Manoj makes it a point to kill both of them. In this course, Manoj manipulates people in Raju Bhai’s clan to kill the two friends. In the backdrop, a love track runs between Raju Bhai and Samantha (Commissioner’s Daughter) Chandu gets killed and they also shoot Raju Bhai. Later on, Raju Bhai’s brother, Krishna comes to Mumbai from Vizag to find his brother. He meets all the people related to Raju Bhai and Manoj to identify the mystery behind Chandu’s death.  What happens to Raju Bhai ? Will Krishna find the truth ? How is the revenge taken ? Will the love story between Samantha and Raju Bhai find a happy ending ? all these questions are answered in the course of the film.

Analysis :

Sikandar is an action packed flick with revenge as the backdrop. The concept is pretty familiar to people and the story is very predictable too. One can watch this movie for action and Surya’s style but there is nothing new other than that.

Performances :

Suriya was good in performance like always and excelled in action sequences. In the meanwhile, his new look grabs the attention of audience as it went really well on Suriya.

Samantha had an insignificant role in terms of performance.  She was a part of this movie to add glamor and drama into the concept.

Vidyut Jamwal did not have a special portion in the movie except for playing a positive role. He did justice to this small portion.

Other actors had small and important roles and all of them did their job in perfection.

Technical Aspects :

Direction :

For a man of Linguswamy’s caliber should be making award winning films. However, Sikander was a sheer disappointment for all Suriya fans and followers. The director could have added some more creativity into the concept. For example, audience could easily guess the twist in Krishna’s role which is one major flaw.

Music :

Yuvan Shankar Raja is a very talented guy as we all know. But he failed to impress us this time. There wasn’t anything special about his music in Sikandar

Cinematography :

Santhosh Sivan has done a great job with the camera. He portrayed information with perfect work. The actors and locales looked extra-ordinary.

Telugu One Perspective :

Plus Points :

1.       Suriya’s New Look

2.       Camera Work

Minus Points :

1.       Very predictable script

2.       Boring first half

3.       Unwanted drama and comedy sequences.

4.       Twists with no sense or energy

Bottom Line :

Sikandar will definitely test audience’s patience and the first half will literally have it go on to your nerves.  It is tough to suggest whether Sikandar is good to watch or not !!!

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