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Fan Gives All Her Property To Favorite Star

on Mar 8, 2018

People opt different ways to showcase their fanism. In fact, there is no bound for few fans to worship their demigods. Recently, a hard core fan of Sanjay Dutt left all her property to the Bollywood star hero.

Nishi Harishchandra Tripathi, hails from Mumbai died in January this year after battling a deadly disease. The 62 years old unmarried woman was living with her mother. Recently, Nishi’s family members found that, she had prepared a will and gave all her properties to Sanjay Dutt.

Actually, Sanjay Dutt was unaware of this fan Nishi Harishchandra until police informed him that she had left all her belongings to him. Sanjay is said to have regretted for not having met his biggest fan when she was alive. 

It is also heard that, Sanjay Dutt refused to take her money and requested the concerned authorities to give the entire properties to Nishi's family members.

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