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Sanjay Dutt making lot of money from Sanju

on Jul 9, 2018


Sanju is often being criticised as an attempt to whitewash the bad image of Sanjay Dutt by the director Rajkumar Hirani. Some also allege that this movie is going to give a boost to the film career of Sajnay Dutt which is on the brink. And here is another surprise. Sources reveal that Sanjay Dutt is making huge profits over the box office collections of Sanju. It is said that Sanju has already taken a handsome amount of 9- 10 crore for permitting a movie to be made on his life. Further, he has also asked for a percentage of profits in the collections. As Sanju has already crossed the 200 cr mark and is racing for the 250 cr target... Sanjay Dutt might be laughing heartily looking at his coffers.

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