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SPB-Ilayaraja Issue Takes Ugly Turn

on Mar 20, 2017

Veteran singer SP Balasubrahmanyam and melody brahma Ilayaraja’s clash over copy rights takes ugly turn with fans and anti-fans fighting in the social media by expressing their own opinion on the matter. Here are few facebook posts on SPB-Ilayaraja issue:

1. If all the music composers follow the same method of royalty for their compositions, then the singers will definitely have no reputation for their work. Raja sir to decide on it and relax the rule.If the singer implements the same rule then what will be situation of the music composers when they are live on stage.

2. If SPB was singing for charity or singing in the bathroom like us or singing for a small light music troupe who's is running in loss he can play the victim. .He is singing for money and profit. In events organised by his son Spb charan...the profits are huge. ...all.are getting paid so why does it pain him to pay a percentage due as royalty to Raja sir....and why is he now talking like a saint who has been offended ....if we have a senior citizen at home we would not steal their pension and gratuity. ...why steal a genius s royalty and insult him.....u live a life of royal singing his songs for a life time and earn each and every time u sing those songs...how unfair SPB and how illegal

3. Dear SPB Sir, Great Shows, Huge Crowd, Great applause, so much of Money but ignoring the Music Composer and Director. How Fair it is??? Is this called Gratitude??? PAY the share not only to Raja Sir but to all other composers as well, that will make you Great Sir in the history.

4. What about his (SPB) electrifying voice, who pay for that? What rayality he gets? Sometimes we listen the songs not for music just for luring voice only, mind it Mr. Raja! You can't win Grammy or Oscar, you are simply jealousy.

5. Who gave legal rights to Ilayaraja to perform in stage shows using the lyrics written by some other person without his consent? All the rights are with the producer who paid the salary for the people who delivered the complete product called as song which is made of music, voice and lyrics. The main motive of a true music director is to spread music and not to hide it like dumping a Genie in an Aladdin lamp.

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