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Daggubati Rana Injury Not Serious

on Sep 13, 2011

Daggubati Rana was injured on the sets of 'Department' in Mumbai couple of days back. Rana was doing an action sequence for the movie 'Department' directed by Ram Gopal Varma and sustained few injuries. The incident took place when he was shooting for an action sequence at a steel factory in the outskirts of Mumbai.


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Rana was supposed to jump on few boxes and due to mistiming and miscalculation he ended up landing on the ground where he injured his knee and also had a badly bruised shoulder.  Although there were no doctors (since the location is on the city outskirts)  local fighters have managed to put some ice pieces and reduce the magnitude. Later, doctors said that it was not a serious injury and advised Rana to take rest for few days. Rana would now participate only in the close shots and montages for the next few days before resuming the action episodes.

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