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Ram Charan Toofan Review
Sep 6, 2013  Telugu Cinema News : Like This :

Toofan Review, Toofan Movie Review: The film is an action entertainer with a very pale content and lack of compilation.

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Genre: Action

Cast: Ram Charan, Priyanka Chopra, Prakash Raj, Sri Hari

Director: Apoorva Lakhia

Toofan story: Vijay Khanna (Ram Charan) is a powerful and strict cop. He will be transferred to Mumbai to deal with an oil mafia case. The story is all about how he deals with the case with the help of mala (priyanka chopra) who is a murder witness and sherkhan (srihari) a local car mechanic cum former rowdy.

Analysis: Director apoorva lakhia failed in giving a perfect screen play and compilation. The story itself is very pale. Weak story with abrupt scene divisions. The film would have been more interesting if the hero in the film is srihari. His character is a lot more powerful than the protagonist.

Music is good but the songs are not so catchy as it contains more of Bollywood flavor. Its true that tollywood audience enjoy item songs but not 3 successive item numbers in a movie.

Teluguone Perspective: Usually telugu audience expect a powerful introduction for any mass following hero. But director apoorva broke the rule and failed to impress the audience with a very plain protagonist entrance. His screen play and story narration were just like a serial. He might have forgotten adding salt and spice in his food. And that is why it lost its yumminess.  Coming to the characters, the role of sharekhan played by srihari is the most powerful character in the film. It would be much more better if srihari plays the role of protagonist. Dialogues between prakash raj and ram charan were damn good. A few laughing tidbits in between gave some relaxation to the viewers. Priyanka chopra's bubbly role is impressive.

Performances: Ram charan is okay with his performance. Srihari's sharekhan character is quite impressive and powerful. Prakash raj showed his old and own diction. Priyanka was good with her bubbly girl role. Tanikella bharani, mahi gill and rest did their part well.

Technicalities: The Cinematography is good. Music made few scenes look extraordinary. Ragupathi raghava song instrumental was the only BGM given throughout the movie for ram charan. Editing is okay.

positives: Srihari role

Negatives: Pale story
                     poor villain

Final word: can be watched for a single time as it is charan's bollywood debut

Toofan Movie Rating: 2.5/5


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