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Ram Charan Teja Gifts Upasana Kamineni

on Aug 23, 2011

Mega power star Ram Charan Teja is busy shooting for his upcoming movie 'Raccha' and was traveling to Colombo and Bangkok. But if you ask him whether he brought anything for his fiancee Kamineni Upasana? “I personally selected an exquisite earrings set that my parents gifted her,” says the actor. Awww! Surely Upasana might have liked that!


Was it difficult shopping for Upasana?
“Shopping for a woman is a daunting task”, giggles Charan  as he confesses he needs some more experience.

Is Upasana a Perfect Match?
When questioned whether he can strike a perfect match with Upasana Kamineni since she hails from a wealthy and highly professional background unlike other film actor's wives, “We've been spending time since some time and we know each other very well. I'm  particularly hooked by her philanthropic works and her social activities. When we were in a get together, Upasana shows personal interest in me and that's where I realized that I could strike a perfect work-life balance”, said Ram Charan.


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How come Charan was smitten by Upasana
“I love individualistic, independent, professional girls and I believe nothing can come between two professionals who intend to retain their personal space and freedom. If we don’t try to meddle with each others work, then the bond is bound to be strong.”, said a smiling Charan.

About Denying Rumors
When asked why did the couple was shying away and denying all the rumors about their link-ups,  Ram Charan said, Yes, We've been dating since 7 months but purposefully  denied the affair since we don't like to hurt our parents feelings. We decided to make our relationship public only after getting the nod from both families”.

Is Upasana a movie buff?
“Not a typical movie buff but she loves watching Yash Raj movies which have romance” adjoins a smiling Charan.

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