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Robo 2 in a huge mess

on Jun 14, 2018

The much awaited movie Robo 2 is yet again postponed and this time... no one is even sure of it’s further release date. Sources reveal that we can watch Robo 2 only in 2019. The hugely hyped sequel of Robo was initially set to be released in May 2018, then it was postponed to August and now even Shankar and Rajni are not confident of its release date. Gossips are doing rounds that the post production of the movie is in a messy condition. Most of the CGI work isn’t up to mark and has to be worked again. Such is the work that even Kaala which has started after Robo 2 has even hit the screens. Some fans are even fearing that the Robo 2 project may not see the day light for ever.

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