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Sathyaraj Uncaring Attitude Irks Rajamouli

on Apr 20, 2017

Things are set for SS Rajamouli's masterpiece Baahubali: The Conclusion to release worldwide on April 28th. Nonetheless, the members of Karnataka Rakhsha Vedika and few other Kannadiga organizations are protesting with a demand of not to allow the release of the film in Karnataka until actor Sathyaraj who played Kattappa in the film tenders an apology. The Karnataka Rakhsha Vedika members held a protest today outside the office of Karnataka Film Chambers of Commerce in Bengaluru.

Today, Rajamouli posted a video requesting Pro-Kannadigas to not to stop the film's release in the state. “The Baahubali team and I are no way connected to Sathyaraj's comments. It is his personal opinion. He is neither the director nor the producer of this film. He is one of the many supporting actors in the film. If you stop this film, he is not going to face any loss. We think it is not right to punish so many people for one person’s comments and turn the anger on an individual towards Baahubali 2. We have explained the situation to Stayaraj over the phone. And we can’t do anything more than that. I implore you not to involve us in this issue as we are no way connected to it.”

Rajamouli indirectly stated that Sathyaraj is uncaring his or producers words to resolve the issue. In fact, if Sathyaraj tenders apology or issue a statement to please Kannadigas, it would be helpful for the film to have smooth release. However, the veteran actor who became household name in the entire country because of Baahubali is not at all caring about the problems being faced by the movie makers who will incur crores of losses, if the problem won't be solved at the earliest.

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