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RGV Clarifies On Sridevi Biopic

on Mar 3, 2018


There have been numerous speculations that, maverick director Ram Gopal Varma would make biopic of Sridevi who passed away recently in Dubai. Few even reported that, RGV is in search of a new actress who can aptly play the legendary actress.

Nonetheless, Ram Gopal Varma condemned the reports stating he has no such plans to make a film on the life of his favorite actress Sridevi.

“Sections of media reporting I am making a biopic on sridevi is untrue ..I believe it’s foolish to attempt also because there cannot be any actress who’s remotely worthy enough to play her,” said RGV.

In fact, the statement released by RGV is right because it is not easy to find an actress who can portray the role of Sridevi who is undoubtedly one of the best heroines in India.

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