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Purandeshwari Warns, RGV Counters

on Oct 11, 2017

Maverick director Ram Gopal Varma will soon be making biopic of legendary actor and former Chief Minister Sri Nandamuri Taraka Rama Rao. The director earlier said that the film story begins with Lakshmi Parvathi entering NTR’s life and ends with his demise episode.

NTR’s daughter Purandeshwari reacted to RGV’s film on her dad. She warned the director saying, “NTR’s life is an open book. If someone makes a film on NTR, it should up his eminence. But, it’s not at all right thing of making film in one perception (Lakshmi Parvathi entering his life). All incidents happened in NTR’s life should be exposed.”

RGV indirectly countered Purandeshwari. “It will take more than 18 parts like Mahabharatam to make NTR’s complete life story. Since, I can’t show everything in just two and half hours, I’m narrating it in one angle. However, I promise you all that, the movie won’t damage the image and stature of NTR,” affirmed RGV.

This is not the first time, RGV picking controversial subject to make a film. He unnecessarily creates controversies before starting his films to grab attention of media and others. Nonetheless, his films won’t have controversial content, at least as much as he projects. 

Better, Nandamuri or Nara family members should stay calm and stop giving free publicity to Lakshmi’s NTR, until release of the film. If RGV shows something controversial and unacceptable in his film, they can object the film then.

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