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Prabhas Marriage will be Arranged Marriage

on Apr 17, 2011

When is Prabhas marriage? Who will be Prabhas darling? Will Prabhas prefer better half from film industry? These are the questions that are haunting Prabhas since some time and now it looks like Prabhas is starting to answer all those questions. Reliable sources from the family say that Prabhas marriage is on the cards and we are asking him to enter wedding this year. And we are happy that Prabhas agreed for the wedding to happen this year itself.


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Prabhas lost his father last year and since then his mother has been constantly insisting on Prabhas marriage. All this time Prabhas was down playing any questions on his wedding but finally we got the news on Prabhas wedding that he's entering wedlock. With all his colleagues in the Telugu cinema industry like Allu Arjun, NTR, etc are entering wedlock, may be Prabhas thought that the time has come for his marriage ceremony.


Alright! So whom Prabhas is going to marry? Well, family sources say that Prabhas is going for arranged marriage and the girl would be an outsider and does not hail from the movie industry. Guess its very clear that Prabhas marriage details would be revealed pretty soon and surely the news of Prabhas wedding might bring cheer to fan base.

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