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Paper Boy Movie Review

on Aug 31, 2018


Cast: Santosh Sobhan, Riya Suman, Tanya Hope, Biththree Sathi, Posani Krishnamurthy, Annapurnaamma and others
Cinematography: Soundarajan
Music: Beams Cyrilio
Producers: Sampathanandi, Ram, Venkat, Narasimha
Directed by Jayasankar

Sampath Nandi has been promoting “Paperboy” from past few days and finally it has released today.

Love is a sweet and beautiful emotion & almost everybody connects to these stories very quickly. Thus in the silver screen, our directors portray various flavors of love. So did Paperboy story attract the audience? Let us see


Ravi (Santosh Sobhan) is a paper boy who falls for Dharani (Riya). As each day passes, both of them get closer & the challenge of convincing the parents begins. The actually issue starts when their financial status becomes a problem for them to get United. What did Ravi do then? Against all the odds, did Ravi win his love? What happens in the end? Forms the story of the movie.


The expectations of the movie were set high as the trailer impressed not only the audience but also celebrities like Prabhas & Mahesh. Being his debut film, Santosh Sobhan has portrayed his acting skills pretty well. Riya Suman on the other hand looked elegant and gorgeous delivering a good performance. Director Jayasankar, has executed the routine story well & Sampath Nandi who has produced this movie. DOP Sounder Rajan, will bring some extra points for the film. The way he has captured the picturesque locations will grab everybody’s attention. Bheems composed the tunes & the songs have already become a super hit even before the movie release. The background music is also good. Editing by Tammiraju is clean and neat. Overall, the technical team has showcased their flawless work.


TeluguOne Verdict:

Though the story of the movie Paperboy is routine & predictable, it has received a refreshing treatment from the entire crew specially the director. Few comedy scenes seem very boring but Bithiri Sathi's episodes have come out well. Santosh Sobhan is quite natural and shines in this impressive film. The movie has the necessary freshness but the dragged narration, is the major drawback. If that can be ignored, the movie is good for a one time watch.

Rating: 1.75

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