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Palnadu Movie Review

on Nov 2, 2013

Palnadu Telugu Movie review, Palnadu review: it’s a Barbaric story with grudges and revenges.
Genre: Action-Romance
Cast: Vishal, Lakshmi Menon
Director: Susindhran
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Palnadu Story: Vishal Krishna is a middle class guy who works in a mobile service center. His elder brother works in a granite business. Because of few disputes he will be killed. Rest of the story deals with how vishal takes revenge and kills everyone who ever involved in his brother’s murder.
Analysis:Director took some time to establish the plot. In the very first half vishal was portrayed in a very innocent way. The story, conflict looks very gloomy and barbaric.   Few comedy tidbits, romance, and lot of emotions are included. The plot and the story line hd the same essence of directors previous film Na Peru Shiva. Right from the starting scene to the climax, audience can relate the scenes to number of movies. First half was a bit weak compared to second.
Teluguone Perspective:When you watch the film, you can feel the flavor of Tamil. One boring thing in the film is that it doesn’t have any better songs or dance moves. But BGM is quite different and spine chilling. Lakshmi Menon has got no scope to perform in this hero oriented movie. Yet she did her part well. Cinematography is good. Villain’s portraiture is pretty scary. He was shown very powerful than protagonist. I don’t think this barbaric flick drive Telugu audience to theaters. 
Performances: Vishal performed well in his role. Lakshmi menon is okay. Bharathi raja, vikranth, Soori did justice to their respective characters.
Technicalities: Immam have to be appreciated first for his outstanding BGM. Camera work and Editing are fine. Directional skills are okay.
Positives: BGM
Negatives: Story line
                     Hero’s Weak Characterization
Final Word: A story of Revenge and Grudges. A single time watcher.
Palnadu Rating: 2.25/5

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