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Only 3 Centers For Khaidi No 150?

on Apr 20, 2017

It was like festivity for fans whenever Megastar Chiranjeevi's film hit the screens. Evn with average talk, Chiru films used to smash box office records. And 100 days theaters count was high then. However, not just for the megastar, equations have been changed of late in Telugu and other industries. Only revenue matters, and other things like 100-days run is not all a considerable matter for filmmakers today.

Chiranjeevi's comeback film Khaidi No 150 which broke several records and minted around Rs 105 crores for full run completes 100 days run today, but just in 3 centers. The VV Vinayak directed film reached the milestone in -  Jaya Syam (Thirupathi), Raj (Adoni) and Krishna Mahal (Guntur) theaters.

Massive release for star hero films is major reason behind very limited number of theaters screening a film for 100 days!

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