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In Discussion: Krishnagaadi 'Loss' Gaadha

on Feb 28, 2016


It's not just the well being of the producer that a 'HIT' film should actually look after, but the distributors involved in the project should also get rewarded. Nani's "Krishna Gaadi Veera Prema Gaadha" is one film that is being claimed as "Veera Hit" by the producers. Is it really??

Producer 14 Reels has made Nani's KVPG with the budget of Rs 14 Crs including 2 crores for publicity. As they sold theatrical rights of two Telugu states to Rs 8.5 Crs, and made Rs 4 Cr came from Satellite rights. Another 4 Crs has come from other rights. That means they made 2 crores profits. But the film has made only 10 crores "share" including Overseas collection. Technically, Overseas distributors made the profits, but local distributors lost 15% of the investment.

So, the question is, in which angle this film is called "Veera Hit" if the losses are worrying distributors. Can someone explain this "Loss" gaadha of Nani who has made 25 crores 'share' with his previous film Bhale Bhale Magadivoyi.

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