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Most Bothering Things Of Current Producer

on Sep 14, 2017

A senior director once informed on how to cut down budget. He told that he used same room for kitchen and bedroom by setting different and required properties. That’s how directors of yesteryear era were to be very much responsible in reducing budgets and providing good profits to producers.

Coming to this generation, stars or directors are not at all bothered about wellbeing of producer who feeds many families by making movies. Rather than taking care of quality in subjects, they are forcing producers to spend lavish budgets for rich production standards.

Do our subjects really need foreign backdrop? Most of films today are made in exotic locations in other countries. Few directors without any hesitation say that the major reason for them choosing a particular foreign location is they dream of going there.

Earlier, directors used to shoot songs in film studios or other picturesque locations in India. Now, stars are insisting to erect huge and grand sets which cost bomb for producers to film songs. Even few young heroes are not compromising on production values.

Remuneration is other big problem producers are worrying about in nowadays. These are the major issues causing augment in budget. Telugu cinema will go new heights if and only if all these issues are sorted out!

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