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Mohanlal supports sexual offenders

on Jul 3, 2018


The movie artists association of Malayalam (AMMA) is facing huge guns in recent times. But it has not one to blame except its own decision that has become controversial. The decision of AMMA to take welcome back Dileep into association is the eye of the storm. Dileep is not well known as a conspirator who hatched a plan to abduct and assault his co star Bhavana. The courts were also proceeding in favour of the actress. However AMMA was quick to include Dileep as soon as he came out of bail. This has attracted the wrath of Malayalam actresses. People like Revathi and Amala has openly shamed the decision of AMMA. Mohanlal as the president of AMMA is also facing some criticism. He had revoked the suspension only a day after he was chosen as the president of the association. Last week, Youth Congress Activists organised a protest and marched to the residence of Mohanlal demanding him to act impartially. Will he!

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