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Maruthi’s new movie- Brand Babu

on Jul 9, 2018


After concentrating on a series of psychological problems such as OCD, absent mindedness... Maruthi is set again for another psychological thriller. The movie though scripted by Maruthi is going to be directed by Prabhakar P under Shree Shailendra Productions. The poster of the movie gives two hints about the movie. First thing is that it might be a story about the obsession about purchasing Branded products. The second thing is the tag line “…and his ‘MAID’en love story” hints that it might be about the love of a Richie rich boy falling in love with his maid. Sumanth Shailendra, a newcomer is going to be the hero of the movie and Eesha Rebba would be his heroine. Hope that the Brand Babu won’t turn out to be Band Babu!


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