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Manchu Kurise Velalo Review

on Dec 29, 2018


Actors: Ram Karthik, Pranali Ghoghre, Chammak Chandra & others

Cinematographer: Thirugnana

Editor: Kotagiri Venkateswara Rao

Producer: Hari BalaSubrahmanyam Bodepudi

Music Director: Sharvan Bhardwaj

Director: Bala Bodepudi

Release Date: 28th Dec 2018


We all know how famous the song “Manchu Kurise Velalo” is. One such movie with a poetic title has hit the screens today and is titled “Manchu Kurise Velalo”. The movie directed by Bala Bodepudi, has attracted the audience with its song and trailer. But has the movie succeeded in entertaining the audience? Let us read the review.


Anand Krishna (Ram Karthik) is a part time Radio Jockey in Vizag. His concept is to speak to the audience about love. During his show a boy named Karthik calls him & tells him that he has failed in love & thus he will be committing suicide.

Will you die if you fail in love? Anand asks Karthik and tries to stop him. During this conversation he tries to create a fake love story for himself so that he can stop Karthik from committing suicide. Does this fake love story turns into a reality? How does Anand meet the heroine (Pranali Ghoghre)? Answers to all this forms the story line.


The director's attempt to make a pure love story in the backdrops of Vizag and Ooty is put in place by the poetic movie title & has succeeded in it. Each frame from start to end is extremely colorful. All the actors have also done justice to their respective roles. But the regular concept picked by the director may not connect well with the audience.

Audience can easily guess in the first shot itself that the heroine will have a flashback. It can be clearly understood that the director has read a lot of novels before attempting this movie. First half continues in an okay okay form with a slight drag. But keeping all this aside, no one can tell that Bala Bodepudi, has directed a movie for the first time.

Plus Points:




Hero heroines

Beautiful locations

Excellent visuals


Minus Points:

Regular Story

Lag in the second half

Hero Friends

Lack of Comedy

Lack of attractive scenes


Ram Karthik acted very naturally as an RJ. He proved that, if he gets a good character, he will surely do justice to it. His acting skills as an energetic hero in the first half & as a matured person trying to save his love in the second half were very good.

Though Pranali Ghoghre has given only a sing expression throughout the first half, her acting skills can be completely seen in the second half. Chammak Chandra & others have done an okay job.


Though the movie “Manchu Kurise Velalo” does not have any senior actors, the debut director Bala Bodepudi has done a good job in this movie. The beautiful locations, good visuals & a soothing music can be surely watched once with the family. With “Manchi Kurise Velalo”, one can surely enjoy and relax in Vizag beach & Ooty.

Rating: 2.75/5

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