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Fictional Episode In Mahanati

on May 12, 2018

One film old director Nag Ashwin directed Mahanati is an honest effort to portray the story of legendary actress Savitri to generation to come.

Nag Ashwin did extensive research to pen life story of Savitri and he incorporated almost all major instances in her lifecycle.

However, the director did a mistake and included a fictional episode. There is a scene in Mahanati, where SV Ranga Rao character played by Mohan Babu serves food to Savitri who was then shooting for Gorintaku and cautions her not to believe people around her.

Actually, Gorintaku was released in 1979 and SV Ranga Rao was not alive then. The veteran actor indeed had passed away in 1974.

In fact, SV Ranga Rao was very close to Savitri and the actress used to treat the senior actor as her uncle. She used to call him babai as shown in the film. But, the episode was a fictional one.

With exceptional reviews from critics and audience alike, Mahanati has also managed to reap in the rewards at the box office, both domestic and overseas.

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