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Karthi Biriyani Movie Review

on Dec 20, 2013

Biriyani Movie Review, Biriyani Telugu Movie Review : Tamil hero Karthi, brother of Suriya, has been trying hard to create a fan base in Tollywood and this time he has come up with a movie that has suspense and entertainment. He has paired up with Hansika in the lead while Premgi Amaran has played an important role. The film is directed by Venkat Prabhu and produced by Gnanavel Raja. Let us see if this Biriyani is tasty.


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Two friends (Karthi, Premgi Amaren) work in a tractor factory and the hero has a strange habit from the time he is a teenager. He has the fetish for having Biryani as a side dish whenever he has drinks. He is also a rebel who doesn’t listen to anyone but he cares a lot for his sister. During one such drinks session, he goes out to buy Biryani and there comes a twist in the tale as he gets caught in a murder mystery. What happens after that forms the rest.
It is one thing to come up with an interesting concept and another thing to present it with the right conviction and believability. In here, director Venkat Prabhu has followed a linear screenplay by keeping the premise of the story very normal but adding more twists through it. For instance, the romantic scenes between Karthi and Hansika were shot well but the depth and juice between them was missing. Similarly, the comedy track of Karthi and Premgi was not that appealing. The presence of Mandy Thakar has created a heat among male audience. With the fact that this is a dubbed movie from Tamil, there is always that difference the Telugu audience can feel. The makers attempted their best to show some uniformity but at many places the Tamil nativity was showing strongly.
TeluguOne Perspective

It is clear that the producer has not hesitated to spend good budget on this movie and it is a crucial one for Karthi and Venkat Prabhu. The script doesn’t have great depth but it is the screenplay which is the strength of this director. There is a lot of variation in the first half and second half.
The first half goes on a lighter mode with elements of romance, some comedy and also a strange characterization of the hero but the interval twist is something different. From the second half, the film takes a different turn as it gets the flavor of a suspense thriller and the seriousness factor also rises. But then there are few places where confusion arises and loopholes in the script are visible. The climax could have been more convincing and elaborate.
Karthi as a performer is good and he has that natural ease in front of the camera. This time he has also worked on his body language and created good impact. Hansika looks gorgeous as usual and she knows how to use her smile when she cannot act. Premgi Amaren was a little unusual but his comic acts won’t really be liked by the Telugu audience. Nasser was natural with his performance. Mandy Thakkar grabbed a lot of attention with her oomph factor. It was good to see the senior actor Ramky back in action. Sampath Raj was not used properly to his potential.

The cinematography was good and it captured the moments nicely. Editing was required during the second half as the pace slowed down a bit. The background score was nice but the songs may not suit the Telugu nativity. The dialogues have a bit of satire but nothing great to entertain.

First half
Technical values
Karthi’s performance
Loose plot
Second half
Confusing screenplay
Abrupt climax
Final word
Good plot but could have been executed better

Biriyani Movie Rating 2.5/5

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