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Drunken man misbehaves with Mehreen

on Jun 30, 2018


Time doesn’t seem to be favourable for Mehreen. Despite reasonable hits and plenty of offers... she has been facing problems for being an actress. Recently Mehreen was questioned at a US airport by the immigration officials after they knew that she was from Tollywood. They were suspicious of her involvement in Tollywood sex racket. As she was about to forget the incident, here is the latest shock. Lately, Mehreen was travelling in a train to Chennai as she was unable to get a flight ticket. However her seat was occupied by a drunken man who refused to give away her seat. Mehreen was forced to stand for a long time due to the rude behaviour of the occupant. Finally after hearing her trouble on phone, Chakravarthy Reddy, the director of her upcoming film Pantham has sent a car to pick her up from the next station and drop her in Chennai.


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