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DevaDas Review

on Sep 28, 2018

Director : Sriram Aditya
Music Director : Mani Sharma
Choreography : Prem Rakshith
Production House : Vyjayanthi Movies
Starring : Nagarjuna, Nani, Rashmika and Akanksha Singh
Music Director : Mani Sharma

DevaDas is a film which created a decent buzz for itself in the past few days. After a good round of promotions, the film has hit the screens today. Let’s see how the film turns out to be.


Deva (Nagarjuna) and his Godfather Dada (Sharath Kumar) are high profile underworld Dons. Deva is a don whose face has never been seen by public, he operates behind the screens. Such Deva is forced to come out. Why is he forced to come out forms one aspect of the story line.

Dr. Das (Nani) is a top ranker in MBBS, but struggles to get a career break as a doctor. He is fun loving guy, Good Samaritan who rescues Deva from critical bullet injury. After a series of events, friendship strengthens between Deva, Das and latter tries in vain to get Deva out of criminal world. Whether Das is succeeded in bringing change in Deva? Form another aspect of the story-line.


As expected, one of the biggest highlights of the film is the bromance between Nagarjuna and Nani. The star duo evoke good comedy and their chemistry will impress the audience completely. Nagarjuna looks super fit and it is nice to see him give equal space to Nani and still come up with a top notch performance.Nani is once again a show stealer as his innocent doctor’s role is the main backbone of the film.

Rashmika Mandanna who acquired good following in Telugu, with her recent blockbuster hit, has been wasted in an undercover cop role in this film. Another heroine Akanksha Singh who played as Nag’s heroine is average.

Coming to the director Sriram Aditya, he had a massive responsibility of handling both the stars and he has done an okay job. Sriram had plenty of situations where he could have generated hilarious fun but he did not make use of it and showcased the proceedings on just a simple note.

Senior actor Naresh, actress Satya Krishnan play Nani’s brother and sister-in-law. Murali Sharma played a cop role, Tamil actor Sharath Kumar played the godfather role. Kunal Kapoor as villain is a miscasting. He doesn’t have that menacing look. Vennela Kishore role is limited,Comedian Satya as an assistant to Dr. Das is entertaining.

TeluguOne’s Verdict:

On the whole, Deva Das is a decent multi starrer which clicks because of Nagarjuna and Nani’s good screen presence. Story wise, there is nothing new and the first half is also ordinary. But things change from the second part as the good dose of emotions and interesting ending work for the film. All you need is to keep your expectations in check and enjoy Nani and Nag’s unique bromance.

Rating: 2.5

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