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Bindu Unhappy Over Mahanati Makers

on May 12, 2018

Nag Ashwin’s ‘Mahanati’ starring Keerthy Suresh, Dulquer Salmaan, Samantha and Vijay Deverakonda in lead roles has been receiving rave reviews from critics and audience alike.In a key scene Gemini Ganeshan reveals of his marriage to Alamelu and affair with Pushpavalli to Savitri.

They had initially cast Bindu Chandramouli in the role of Pushpavalli and even shot scenes with her. But, these scenes have been deleted from the film, probably to keep the focus solely on Savitri and her troubles, and to maintain a crisp narrative.

Bindu took to social media, shared pictures of her scenes with Dulquer and wrote, “It's very disappointing to have known that the makers have decided to cut out the whatever little it is, the characater of Pushpavalli (after dubbing) and also appearance of the characater of her young daughter Rekha. Well, It must be the decision call in last moment and I do understand it's the nuts & bolts of one's profession. This had happened in earlier movies to me but somehow it's more disappointing this time around.” (sic)

She added, “I had the wonderful opportunity of portraying a real life characater even if was for one scene and a couple song montages with Savithri characater . The song n the scene have never made it to the cinemas.” (sic) However, Bindu revealed that working with the team was an amazing experience and proved she bears no ill will towards them despite her scenes cut from the film. She wrote, “Working with this team was an amazing experience, especially sharing the screen space with #Dulquer and knowing #NagAshwin and producers #Swapnadutt and #Priyankadutt. Thank u Pallavi Penupaatruni and Bhavya Salapu. Good luck to the cast and crew who have worked so hard for this epic. I would still consider myself being part of this story, though not showcased.” (sic)

Bindu had even heartbreakingly changed her display picture on social media from a picture of her in her Pushpavalli look to a blank one.

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