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Bhadram Movie Review

on Mar 21, 2014


Bhadram Movie Review - Bhadram Movie Rating - Bhadram Review - Bhadram Rating: After successful Villa 2 under their kitty Good Cinema group is back with another interesting dubbing film titled "Bhadram". Soddhu Kavvum - Villa 2 fame Ashok Selvan and Vaadu Veedu fame Janani Iyer are planning the lead roles in the movie.


The story revolves around an aspiring detective Venu (Ashok Selvan) who is tasked to shadow - surveillance a few individuals by his head (Radical detective agency). He gets on to his job in a very enthusiastic manner and his prime work involves shadowing, surveillance and not to get close to his subjects by any means. When he comes across his new subject Madhusri (Jannani iyer), he becomes close to her and eventually falls in love with her. One day when he finds out that two of his former subjects are found dead, he begins to check on others. When he tries to contact them he ends up seeing them get murdered, and Ashok realizes that the next target is Madhu. How will Venu figure out the wrongdoers along with Raguram (Jayaprakash) froms the rest of the plot?


Ashok Selvan does his part pretty well within his limits. He comes across as someone who is a natural as far as acting is concerned. Only thing problem with his performance is that he looks a bit too firm in many sequences in the second half. He could do better if he works a bit on his histrionics. Vaadu Veedu fame Janani Iyer does most of her acting with her big eyes. She is okay in her performance. Jayaprakash is fine in his role as serious cop Raghuram. Kaali fails to tickle the funny bones with his funny lines.


The Technicalities of the film are topnotch. Dinesh Krishnan is the cinematographer of the movie who has given neat visuals. Background score always plays an important role in thrillers. Nivas Prassanna did an excellent job in Bhadram. The songs in the film are mediocre. Editing of the Leo John Paul should have been crispier in the second half. Production values of the film are fine.


The story of the film has its inspirations from CSI: Miami and Koncham Touchlo Unte Cheptanu. But what makes the difference is screenplay. The director has provided a decent pace for the narrative of this genre. As the film gets to the investigative mode movie speed up its proceedings. Director Ramesh impresses with his investigative proceeding with fine thrills. The first half of the film is a bit unelaborated (Criminology in MA/ Gets into Detective agency/finds details about the subjects/goes against the thumb rule and falls in love with Madhu Sri). What follows then is series of accidental murders and hero stars thinking about possibility of crime. The second half of the raises up the speed to save his subjects and solve the mystery behind the murders with an open ending.


Bhadram is a finely crafted crime thriller. A decent performances by all the actors, especially by the Ashok Selvan, Janani Iyer does well in her limitations. The best part of the film is its short (121 minutes) and does not bore you. The director has successfully showcased the thriller and the technical team supported the film equally. Hope, even our maker's start thinking about this kind of deception thrillers rather fixing on the regular commercial cinema with too many lose ends.


Lead Performances

Music and BGM





Slow & Flat Narration

Drags in Second Half

No Comedy Elements

Bottomline: Bhadram has an interesting premise, but the tedious Second half lets down the movie.

Teluguone Rating: 2.5/5

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