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Akun Sabharwal Says I'm Not Pressurized

on Jul 15, 2017

Few Tollywood actors and technicians were sent notices in connection with drugs case. Excise and enforcement director Akun Sabharwal said he is taking leave for 10 days, which he applied long ago. Ever since he made this statement, there have been many stories written against him. He's leaving the city for few days with pressure from biggies in political and film circles. In order to prove them wrong, Akun Sabharwal has canceled his leave and will actively take part in probe into drugs racket in Tollywood.

Akun Sabharwal announced today that, he wasn't forced by anybody to take leaves adding government is giving full support to him to investigate the case. As per reports yesterday, Akun Sabharwal applied for leaves from 16th of this month to 27th.

Let's hope, police department and government won't leave anybody who has links with drugs mafia and will take severe action against them as to send a strong message that criminals will be punished severely.

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