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Hello Movie Review

on Dec 22, 2017


Movie Details:
Cast: Akhil, Kalyani Priyadarshan, Jagapati Babu, Ramya Krishna, Ajay etc.
Direction: Vikram Kumar
Banner: Annapurna Studios
Producer: Nagarjuna
Music: Anup Rubens
Release Date: Dec 22, 2017

Akhil’s debut movie Akhil was a big debacle. Akhil was criticized for picking a commercial subject for his very first film. His second movie Hello is a feel good romantic entertainer. Let’s see whether this movie provides first break for Akhil…


Seenu aka Avinash (Akhil) is an orphan kid plays violin to beg on streets. He meets a little girl Junnu aka Priya (Kalyani) at the same point where he begs every day. In no time they become close friends. Priya’s family shifts to Delhi. Priya writes her mobile number on a currency note and gives it to Seenu. However, another street kid grabs the note from Seenu and escapes from there. While chasing him, Seenu gets injured in an accident which was done unintentionally by Ramya Krishna, wife of a rich man Jagapathi Babu. Both like Seenu very much, so they adopt him since they are childless. Rest of the story is how the grownup Seenu finds the mobile number to find his soul mate…


1. Akhil
2. Music
3. Cinematography
4. First Half


1. Thin Story Line
2. Second Half
3. Flat Narration


Hello is all about a youngster finding his childhood sweetheart whom he waits for ages. Nearly half an hour in first half is occupied by childhood episodes- how a street kid meets a rich and innocent girl who has great concern for him. Though the episode was lengthy, we still enjoy because of Vikram Kumar mark engaging narration. After a simple introduction, Akhil exhibits his fighting skills in a chasing sequence. This action episode is one of the best parts in the film. Then, family bonding of Akhil with his adopted parents was shown effectively. Vikram Kumar showed his magic in dealing these scenes. Pre-climax episode of Akhil’s suffering to find the mobile phone was decent. Eventually, first half is fascinating with pleasing narration. However, director failed to continue the same pace in second half. The plane episode of Ramya Krishna tormenting Kalyani is agonizing for audience as well. Due to flat narration, we hardly find any pleasing elements in second half. Pre-climax and climax episodes are regular.

Artists Performances:

Akhil has improved a lot as an actor. He looked handsome and will be next heartthrob of girls. Akhil seems to have worked hard on dances and fights. Very first action episode of chasing a robber was splendid. Akhil was good in romantic, family and emotional sequences. Actress Kalyani Priyadarshan appeared cute. She gave decent performance. Jagapathi Babu and Ramya Krishna have shown their experience. Few episodes in the movie turned out really well, because of these two senior actors. Ajay was good in a brief role. Other artists played their parts efficiently.

Technical Aspect:

Director Vikram Kumar opted to a water-thin story. Though he did magic in first half with his style of story-telling, he couldn’t do the same in second half which was completely flat in narrative. Dialogues are good. Music director Anup Rubens provided melodious album and BGM too was captivating. Cinematography by PS Vinod and editing by Prawin Pudi are other major assets. Production values of Annapurna Studios are high in standard. Apparently, they have spent good budget on the film as richness has been witnessed in each and every frame.


Hello is not up to the mark, but is a decent entertainer. This is a better choice out of new releases this week.

TeluguOne Perspective:

First Half Hello, Second Half Chalo…

Rating: 2.5

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