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Movie: The Anushree Experiments
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Rating : 3.00
Released On : Apr 2, 2016
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For people obsessed with watching those different-type-films, Los Angeles based Telugu director Aparna Malladi gives that Indie-looking film which has it's content to speak big sans any songs. Here comes "The Anushree Experiments", a typical English-Telugu movie that deals with the universal problem of a girl born in any Telugu household.

Triple integral and Transport Phenomena


Anushree Sharma (Ulrika Krishnamurthy) is a typical Telugu girl studying engineering and feeling tough to understand subjects like Triple Integral and Transport Phenomena. When she's struggling to cope up with them, her father (Ramakrishna Meka) and mother (Aparna Malladi) decide to get her married. When Anushree tries to deliberately destruct these plans, her father house arrests her, after which she takes up a 'fast' inspired by Mahatma Gandhi. What happens to this journey of self discovery, understanding, little nuances of Telugu families and the outlook of parents towards their kids is the rest of film.


Analysis :



Ulrika Krishnamurthy who played the lead is a revelation. Her comic expressions, innocence and confused look supports the characterisation written by director. Anitha Kalathara who played Anushree's sister in the film is a terrific actor for sure. She plays the perfect jealous sister who finally learns the touch of life through sister's books.

Ramakrishna Meka and Aparna Malladi as parents of the girl play it perfect. Ramakrishna's experience as a TV actor got him wear the perfect shoes of a caring, responsible and yet confused father. Other actors like the one who played grandma and professor, add the much needed contrast to this lighter vein comedy. Rest of the actors are adequate.


Director-writer Aparna Malladi picked up very interesting and quintessential story. Her protagonist is that girl we see in every family, who thinks of making it big in life but gets her ambitions suppressed by those parents who wants to get her married at an age of 21.That typical indie film-making style she adapted will make film an interesting watch. Especially her idea of heroine eating guavas all the time and water leaking from an overhead tank are the true symbolisms of how life progresses, halts, takes turns and spins a surprise.

Eeshwar Yellumahanty's cinematography suits the mood of the film, but it could have been better even though budget provided for him is little low. Background score given by Tomas Peire is good and imparts the feel of watching a film-festival standard movie.


TeluguOne Perspective :


Anushree's characterisation

Real-life centric emotions


Little drag before pre-climax


'The Anushree Experiments' is not such a film we watch often in Telugu theatres. The film makes urban audiences (as the film is in English throughout, only urban audience will feel connected to it) understand the emotions of both kids and parents.

On a whole, director Aparna Malladi addressed the problem of 80% Indian girls, whose middle-class parents always think about getting married to an eligible guy when she reaches 21 or finishes her graduation. The way this film explained how girls want to become that 'eligible guy' themselves, but not end up marrying an 'eligible guy' is beautiful and heart-touching. Tollywood always says, we need fresh blood, out of box stories and soul lifting treats— if you are for it, then here is the film for you.

Final words: A beautiful experiment


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