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Movie: Tadakha
Banner : Sri Sai Ganesh Productions
Rating : 3.25
Released On : May 10, 2013
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After delivering consecutive flops like Bezawada and Dhada, Naga Chaitanya has teamed up with comedian-turn hero Sunil for 'Tadakha'. Konchem istam konchem kastam fame Dolly is the director. Lets check Thadaka Movie review to know more.

Cast : Sunil, Naga Chaitanya, Tamanna, Andrea, Brahmanandam, Raghu Babu etc
Director : Kishore (Dolly)
Story : N Linguswamy
Music & BGM : SS Thaman
Cinematography : Arthur A Wilson
Art : AS Prakash
Editor : Gautam Raju
Producer : Bellamkonda Ganesh Babu
Banner : Multi Dimension Entertainments, Sri Sai Ganesh Pvt LTD
Release Date : May 10, 2013


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Tadakha movie is about two brother Sivarama Krishna (Sunil) and Karthik (Naga Chaitanya). Elder one Sunil is a coward by nature and Naga Chaitanya is a fearless guys. After their father's (Naga Babu) death, Naga Chaitanya convinces Sunil to take up the police job as their family has one cop in each of their generations. After joining in the police department, Sunil is given a task to rescue a kid from the villain gang and he successfully completes the mission. Miffed with the attitude of Sunil, Bagga  (Ashutosh Rana) plans to take revenge on Sunil and Naga Chaitanya. But, how can a coward person like Sunil take on the goons ? Will Ashutosh Rana finds out the real strength behind Sunil ? All these elements form the rest of the Thadaka movie.

Analysis :

Tadakha is a remake of Tamil movie 'Vettai'. Makers of this film have used the actor's childhood episode scenes from the original movie. Both Sunil and Naga Chaitanya's characterizations will be revealed to the audience at the tittle cards itself. Andrea and Tamanna's entrance episode is nice and both of the heroines looked glamorous in the movie. Well etched scenes between Naga Chaitanya and Tammana makes the first half look more pleasant.  Action sequences are also good and those episodes are well supported by SS Thaman's background music.

A major twist is revealed before the interval and the second half begins on an interesting note. Though the audio of Thadaka was just average, visually songs looked much better. Rather than giving importance to the actors, director has given more space for the story which should be appreciated. Climax fight is composed brilliantly and both Naga Chaitanya & Sunil looked terrific in this episode.

TeluguOne Perspective :

Right the from the time 'Thadaka' movie was started, one question was doing rounds within the Telugu cinema lovers. “Who Will be given more importance, Naga Chaitanya or Sunil ?”. The answer is, director gave more importance to the story and screenplay. Both the actors have delivered their best performances , which is a big asset for the film. Director took lot of care to make sure that entertainment, action and drama are equally mixed according to the Telugu nativity. On the flip side, the scene where Naga Chaitanya runs faster than a train looked too much. One of the major highlights in the original movie was the chemistry between Madhavan and Sameera Reddy and the director has completely ignored that part in 'Thadaka'.


Cinematography by Arthur Wilson is nice and editing by Gautham Raju is perfect as usual. Though SS Thaman disappointed with the audio, visually songs were good and the BGM as well. Art by AS Prakash is good. Dolly has scored good marks as a director with this film. Production values of Sai Ganesh Productions are grand.


Naga Chaitanya has improved a lot in every department. His dialogue delivery sounded much better in this film. Chaitanya succeeded to fit into the shoes of a mass hero. Sunil has delivered his best performance and entertained as a coward cop in the first half and he steals the show in the second half as a powerful police officer. Tamanna is one of the major asset for the film and she sizzled in the song 'Maara o Maara'. Andrea looked beautiful but she has got not much to do in the film. Ashutosh Rana was good and Brahmanandam, Raghu Babu, Vennela Kishore, DMK (Murali) Jp etc have done their job.


Action Episodes
Emotional Episodes Between Sunil & Naga Chaitanya
Tamanna Glamor


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Final Word : Thadaka is a perfect mass entertainer.

Reviewed by Vamsi Kaka


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