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Movie: Srimannarayana
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Rating : 3.00
Released On : Aug 30, 2012
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Srimannarayana Movie Review, Srimannarayana Review, srimannarayana Telugu Movie Review, srimannarayana reviews, srimannarayana Rating: After not so successful 'Adhinayakudu', Balakrishna teams up with director Ravi Chavali for a revenge drama titled 'Srimannarayana'. For the first time, Balakrishna plays the role of a journalist in this action entertainer. The movie is releasing amid huge expectations and check out Srimannarayana movie review to see whether Balakrishna has scored a winner this time or not.

Cast: Balakrishna, Parvati Melton, Isha Chawla, Jayaprakash Reddy, others
Director: Ravi Chavali
Producer: Ramesh Puppala
Written by: Ravi Chavali
Music: Chakri
Cinematography: T Surender Reddy
Editing: Goutham Raju
Banner: Yellow Flowers
Release date: August 30,2012

Srimannarayana Review Story:

A dynamic journalist Srimannarayana (Balakrishna) fights against all the odds in the society and stands by the people. His father and farmer Kalki Narayana Murthy (Vijay Kumar) was ambitious to serve farmers and launches Jai Kisan Trust for farmer’s welfare. Kalki Narayana Murthy dies under mysterious circumstances and unfortunately, his son Srimannarayana was convicted of murder charges. How Srimannarayana proves his innocence and whether he fulfills his father's ambition or not forms the rest of the story.

Analysis :

There is nothing much to talk about in the first half as the screenplay is bad. Usually, we see the songs followed by a convincing scene, but in the case of Srimannarayana, director Ravi Chavali has created few unwanted scenes for the songs placement. The director failed drastically in every department and the first half lacks story and goes on a slow pace. The pre-interval  episode is quite good and raises the expectations bar. Balakrishna's dialogues on Satyam scam and 2G spectrum scam received roaring response from the audience.

The second half begins on a convincing note and eventually loses the tempo. Director Ravi Chavali has come up with a routine storyline and  few scenes remind you the movies shot in 80s. Chakri disappoints, except for one song and the background score is also poor. The last song, 'Aaru adugula abbai' stands out, thanks to the wonderful dance movements of Balakrishna. The comedy scenes of MS Narayana and Krishna Bhagwan fails to evoke smiles. Compared to the first half, the second half has story and goes on a fast pace. The revenge drama is well etched but few unwarranted scenes and the purpose of Balakrishna donning various get-ups is not justified. The jail fight is shot with lot of intensity. The director tried to induce too many mass elements and eventually lost hold on the story.

TeluguOne Perspective :

Srimannarayana story is stale and would have fared well if it was made in mid 80s. Balakrishna should rethink and introspect while signing films especially with new directors. Though nothing to complain about his performance, the story and the director selection is below par. These kind of movies won't entertain and engage the audience and he should be cautious in picking up movies.

From his recent movies, it seems Balakrishna is setting the platform for his grand political entry and the dialogues he uttered in Srimannarayana too enunciates the same. The emotional content goes missing in Srimannarayana and concepts like Jai Kisan will certainly make the difference if it would have been handled with utmost care and intensity. Overall, Srimannarayana is good in parts and goes well with Balakrishna's fans. And for normal audience it is just another movie!

Srimannarayana Review Performances:

Balakrishna has played his part well and delivered a decent performance. His dance movements in the last song are fantastic. The punch dialogues he utters received thunderous applause. However, his costumes could have been better. Parvati Melton, with her anorexic looks fails to draw attention and doesn't add any value to the film. Isha Chawla looks pretty and is a delight to watch for masses.  Her performance is satisfactory. Jayaprakash Reddy, Kota, Rao Ramesh, Supreeth, Suresh and Vijay Kumar has done justice to their respective roles.

Srimannarayana Review Technicalities:

Cinematography by Surender Reddy is fantastic. Editing by Goutham Raju could have been crisp. Music and rerecording by Chakri is not impressive. Dialogues by Ghatikachalam are catchy in places. Production values of Yellow Flowers banner are grand.

Srimannarayana Review Positives:

Srimannarayana Review Negatives:
Weak story
Poor screenplay
Lack of emotions

Srimannarayana Review Final Word: Go and watch Srimannarayana if you are a Balakrishna fan!


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