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Movie: Pournami
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Released On : Nov 30, 2005
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Once upon a time, may be three centuries ago, there was a village that was severely hit by a famine. A danseuse from a traditional family comes forward to dance in Lord Shiva temple for rains. Since then it has become a tradition that a girl from that particular family should dance in Shiva Temple on Pournami day for every 12 years. During 1960’s it is the turn of Pournami (Trisha) to perform the sacred ritual and she goes missing a few months before the D-day.PournamiSiva Kesava (Prabhas) arrives in that village and attracts Chandra Kala (Charmme) – sister of Pournami. The local Zamindar (Rahul Dev) lusts for Chandra Kala. Siva Kesava convinces Chandra Kala and her father that she could perform the ritual on Pournami. But, Siva Kesava’s past catches up with him. The rest of the story is all about how the dance performance ritual at the temple takes place.

Analysis :

Prabhas is cool in his vintage attire in the beginning of the film. His dressing style and hair-do reminds us of 1960’s. Prabhas did well as the protagonist. There are lots of intense and emotional moments in the film for which he has done justice. It is nice to see Prabhas balancing his career with Chatrapati kind of mass roles and Pournami kind of soft roles.Trisha did the title role of the film. The fans of Trisha are in for a bit of disappointment as Trisha appears only in the second half. She did well. Charmme got major pie in the film and she justifies her role. Sindhu Tolani did a small role. Madhu Sharma did the role of a young wife who tries to woo the hero. Archana impresses with her dance as the first girl who performed the ritual at the temple.

TeluguOne Perspective :

First half of the film is bit slower. The second half is bit heavier. The entire film is based on dance and the flashback story belongs to a revenge genre. Producer MS Raju should be appreciated to make a film that has classical dance and traditions as backdrop. Climax should have been better. The thread of main villain Rahul Dev is left incomplete. On a whole, Pournami is not for the crowds who watch morning shows on the day one and the masses. Commercial success of the film will depend on how family crowds embrace it

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