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Movie: Pappu
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Rating : 2.25
Released On : Jun 25, 2010
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Whatever Pappu (Krishnudu) does, backfires on him and he gets popular as a unlucky fellow. Pappu works in a company owned by Lingaraju (Benarji). Lingaraju presents an Audi car to his daughter on her birthday. Lingarju is very superstitious and does everything as advised by a Swamiji. Lingaraju has a younger brother Singaraju, who incurs 100 crores loss for not listening to his brother Lingaraju's advice. He comes to Lingaraju seeking help, but Lingaraju refuses to help him out on the advice of Swamiji. Later in a party hosted by Lingaraju to his employees, his only daughter Radha is kidnapped. Her abductors threaten Lingaraju to pay 100 crores within three days or else they will kill Radha. Lingaraju appoints Detective Ram.suggested by his P.A. Chidambaram (Uttej), to rescue his daughter. Swamiji tells Lingaraju that Radha is affected by 'Shani dosham' and advises Lingaraju to send a un-lucky fellow alongwith the Detective to get positive results. Accordingly, Lingaraju sends Pappu along with Ram. What happens thereafter... forms the rest of the story.

Analysis :

Several movies filled with sadistic comedy and mocking at Krishnudu's obesity have been made previously. This movie is nothing different from them. In the beginning the flick gives the feeling of watching a tele serial. It takes up a little bit tempo when Subbaraju enters the frame. It certainly is an adventure on part of debutant director Sapan asumarthi to have taken care of story, screenplay, dialogues and direction... in first attempt itself. It gives the impression that he was over burdened beyond his prowess. Had he concentrated only on direction, the result could have been further better. However, though it is his first attempt at wielding megaphone, has done his job satisfactorily.

TeluguOne Perspective :

Acting-: As far as his role is considered, Krishnudu performed to the bit. Though it is her first movie, Sri Deepika has done well. Subbaraju's presence is certainly the plus point for the movie. Without him it would not have been worth watching. Uttej, Benarji and others have did justice to their respective roles.Music-: Songs in the movie though not outstanding, can be said as satisfactory. Re-recording too is average.Camera-: Good.Songs-: Lyrics are good.Editing-: Not bad.Choreography-: Not bad. Amma Rajasekhar's attempt to make Krishnudu dance, is really appreciable.Action-: There are three action scenes in the movie and all of them are good. If you have nothing to do and want to watch a movie along with kids and family, you can venture watching this movie as it contains no vulgarity and violence... has a bit of comedy too!

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