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Movie: O My Friend
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Rating : 2.50
Released On : Nov 11, 2011
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Oh My Friend review: Oh My Friend movie review: O My Friend Telugu movie review - O My Friend movie is like a litmus test for Siddharth since there’s no success for him for the past 5 years. His 180 and Anaganaga o Dheerudu were duds at the box office. So can Siddharth and Shruti Hassan pair be successful with O My Friend movie? Read O My Friend Telugu movie review to find out that.

Chandu (Siddharth) is an easy-going bloke interested in music and wants to become a rock star. He dupes his parents telling them that he’s perusing MBA in Mumbai but he rather studies music. Siri (Shruti Hassan) is Chandu’s childhood friend and literally supports him in every aspect.  Amid their friendship, Chandu falls in love with Ritu (Hansika) while Siri accepts Uday (Navdeep). However, Chandu and Siri’s friendship starts affecting Ritu and Uday’s privacy and after a series of incidents, Chandu and Siru’s bid adieu to friendship and settle with their partners.  What are those incidents? And how did Ritu and Uday realize Chandu and Siri’s friendship forms the plot.

Analysis :

Firstly, O My Friend gives you a good reference to Chrianjeevi’s movie ‘Iddaru Mitrulu’, which accentuates the value of a true friend and friendship. Although the subject line is a decent one, the way debutant director Venu Sriram handled was very dreary.  Venu could not appropriately execute a middling script, and failed to customize the movie to the contemporary audience in terms of treatment. The conflict point was albeit strong, it could not take off to a prodigious level.

Siddharth’s fervor for music, Shruti Hassan’s accountability over Siddharth, etc. are all age-old scenes which people have earlier seen in several movies and there’s nothing new in O My Friend. In fact, the scenes and the conversations between Siddharth and Shruti Hassan were not exciting. We’ve seen in movies like ‘Nuvve Kavali’, ‘Iddaru Mitrulu’, etc. Director Venu was just banking on the star casting and age old theme of emphasizing the value of friendship and messed it up completely.  There’s nothing that keeps you going in Oh My Friend movie. In fact, the first half of the movie is almost like a documentary on ‘Friendship’.  Venu got a great chance to build something new on this antique script but he botched-up so badly that the movie became a testing time for the audience and not for Siddharth.

TeluguOne Perspective :

Oh My Friend is like an old-wine in the new bottle. Although Sriram made couple of adjustment the movie suffers from connectivity, which is the key to success. Running parallel romantic tracks between Siddharth-Hansika and Navdeep-Shruti Hassan is alight but it became a slip-up as the scenes become predictable. The tempo or the build-up towards the climax was not exciting as the characters exhibit endurance in their decision-making.

Since the plot unfolds in the second half, the director has ample scope to make the first half peppy and lively and generate curiosity. But, like mentioned earlier, Sreeram’s application was seen only in enlightening audience about the lead-pair’s friendship and not the treatment and storytelling. Perhaps, you can rule out A and B centers for Oh My Friend and we’re not too sure about the movie’s stint in multiplexes too. Siddharth should start choosing better scripts. When we say scripts, we also mean his characterization too. He needs to showcase something different other than the ‘college-boy’ behavior. And in trying to be very unique, Siddharth is falling apart. His performance is splendid but it’s just that things are not going his way. He must be wondering where his next hit will come from!


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