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Movie: Ganapathi
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Released On : Nov 30, -0001
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Opens with mahalaxmi (manya) joining the duty as a police officer having dreams to become a kiran bedi. Her first assignment is to take over the dead body of Ganapathi who is getting hanged that day. She visits the jail where swamy (nagendra babu) is a kind jailor. Ganapathi (srihari) asks to get the dress of raymonds as his last wish. At the time of hanging swamy gets a message that ganapathi's father is dead and the village people request to release ganapathi for the last rites of his father. Swamy takes him to the cremation against the rules. There ganapathi does the last rites and kills a girl. Next shot we see all the people are suspended as swamy is gone out of rules and Ganapathi killed one more. New jailor (ponnabalam) tortures Ganapathi to tell the reasons. But ganapathi keeps mum. Seeing this swamy and mahalaxmi curse Ganapathi as their jobs are at stake. Then Ganapathi revels his story.Flash back Ganapathi is a honest MRO who goes by rules. He is middle class man with a wife and kid, a sister and father . he loves his sister a lot. He encounters vishvam brothers (ramireddy along with his four brothers) in land scam and make them penniless. They loose all their property in a court case filed by ganapathi. They try to kill him but ganapathi beats them black and blue and challenges them.Ramireddy wife suicide as she feels that her husband is not reacting to ganapthi making them penniless. And other brothers wives leave them and informs they will come only after they get their property back. Ganapathi sister gets engaged. And on the marriage day vishvam brothers makes a havoc and kills ganapahi's wife and rapes his sister. They stay in ganapathi's house and rapes his sister everyday until there house is completed. All this time ganapathi is tied to a tree. Now ganapathi kills the cops who are in hand in glove with the vishwam brothers. For that he gets the sentence in the court. He killed his sister as she became mad and all the people are using her.Flash back ends.Listening his story swamy and mahalaxmi helps him to escape from the jail. He comes out and kills all the brothers in next three reels.

Analysis :

Except Srihari none has a major role. The actor who did his father's is role is worth mentioning (koteshwara naidu). Others are passable. There is nothing for any one in the movie.

TeluguOne Perspective :

only for hard core fans of srihari. For others may be avoided.

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