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Movie: Devaraya
Banner : Sunray International
Rating : 2.00
Released On : Dec 7, 2012
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Devaraya review, Devaraya Movie Review : Actor Srikanth has got a nice image(On Screen and Off Screen) and after a series of flops, the actor has come up as 'Devaraya'. Let us quickly look into Devaraya Movie Review to know more about the film.

Cast : Srikanth, Vidisha, Meenakshi Dixit, MS Narayana etc
Director : Nani Krishna
Producers : Kiran, Nani Krishna
Music and BGM : Chakri
Cinematography : Poorna
Dialogues : Veerababu
Banner : Sunray Cinema International, Nanigadi cinema
Release Date : December 7, 2012


Dorababu (Srikanth) is a filthy rich guy who spends his entire time enjoying with his friends in his village. Dorababu tried to lure Swapna (Vidisha), who is a well educated and comes to village to see her grandfather (Ranganath). In this process, Swapna falls for Srikanth and make him understand her love for him. Though Swapna's grandfather is reluctant to agree for the marriage, later on he gives nod for the marriage. All of a sudden everyone comes to know that Dorababu is going to die and this surprises everyone. What is the secret beyond Dorababu ? How is Dorababu related to Sri Krishna Devaraya? All these incidents form the rest of the story.

Analysis :

To start with, 'Devaraya' movie has been made without knowing the facts about Sri Krishna Devaraya. The idea of making a movie on Sri Krishnadevaraya is good, but a director needs to research on that particular subject before making a movie. Nani Krishna's poor direction made 'Devaraya' even more horrible than it is. 'Devaraya' movie starts off with 90's kind of comedy then followed by  an item song where the director wanted the audience to see only the structure of the item girl and the movie moves one with a regular and routine comic scenes and there is nothing special to mention about any of the episodes.

Second half starts off with the role of Sri Krishna Devaraya and some impressive scenes in his court. Again, nothing much has been concentrated on the Vijayanagar empire or on Sri Krishna Devaraya. Director just concentrated on the love story between Sri Krishna Devaraya and Sunanda (Meenakshi Dixit) and even these episode is not well etched. Nothing to mention about any song or of climax episode as everything seemed to be a test for the audience.

TeluguOne Perspective :

'Devaraya' movie has got some recognition and the movie lovers started to inquire about the movie only for hero Srikanth and his character of Sri Krishna Devaraya in this film. But, the director has completely misused the concept and the chance of making a better film. Nothing to blame Srikanth, as he has given a decent performance and he is the only positive aspect in the movie. There are several fundamental flaws made by Nani Krishna in 'Devaraya' movie and he still cant expect audience to watch the episodes where the sword doesn’t have any blood stains after killing a person.

Devaraya movie had some expectations but the movie is a huge let down as it fails to create even an iota of an impression amongst the audience. As said earlier, the character of Sri Krishna Devaraya has been completely wasted and even the dialogues were not upto the mark. We do not have a single reason to talk something positive about the movie.

Performances :

Srikanth has given a decent performance and there is nothing to complain about the actor. Vidisha, who made a comeback after a long time looked glamorous and tried to create an impact with skin show in the songs and she has done her job. Meenakshi dixit is just ok. Veteran actor Balayya, Sivaji Raja, MS Narayana, Kondavalasa, Jeeva etc have done their job given to them.


Not even a single song is catchy, though some songs might appeal to B and C center audience. Purely average music and BGM by Chakri. Cinematography by poorna is just ok and editing is not upto the mark. Dialogues by Veerababu are not at all appealing and nothing much to say about the production values of Nanigadi Cinema/Sunray International banners.

Positives :


Negatives :

Weak Direction
Poor Music, Songs
Logic less Story

Final Word : Audience can easily stay away from this flick and can wait for original CD/DVD.

Reviewed By : Vamsi Kaka


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